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Have you ever wished you could perceive the future before others? Or wish to create the future?  CRAVING THE FUTURE features the brightest innovation luminaries in the world who provide a glimpse of what's coming next.  Subscribe to the first set of episodes and tune in often for more.  Most episodes are under 30 minutes so they are easy to digest.  You'll be inspired to create or join what's coming next!  Brought to you by Michael Perman, Head of Innovation at C'EST WHAT, LLC.

Mar 2, 2018

Emeline shares her vision to democratize space exploration for broad scale global innovation. As one of the early forces at Singularity University she shares the concept of broadening access to technology to benefit society. Emeline also reveals current space innovation such as meteor-mining, harnessing solar energy from space and the trend toward re-usable rockets.