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Have you ever wished you could perceive the future before others? Or wish to create the future?  CRAVING THE FUTURE features the brightest innovation luminaries in the world who provide a glimpse of what's coming next.  Subscribe to the first set of episodes and tune in often for more.  Most episodes are under 30 minutes so they are easy to digest.  You'll be inspired to create or join what's coming next!  Brought to you by Michael Perman, Head of Innovation at C'EST WHAT, LLC.

Jul 25, 2020

Global digital catalyst and TEDx Speaker Bosco Anthony share ideas on the future of digital tribes at the intersection of ideology and emerging technology. Bosco is also a founding board member of the Grey Swan Guild, a global tribe of futurist and innovators who are providing emerging perspectives on the wave of our...

Apr 21, 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is transforming into Earth Year in order to navigate our current challenged. In this episode, produced in collaboration with Rock The Green, we interview Rachel Schneider, Director, Sustainability & Business Planning, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Kim Marotta, Global Senior Director of...

Jul 28, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are transforming the music business from the perspective of creators and listeners. In this episode  producer and musician Tyler Stone raps with Jonathan Bailey, CTO of iZotope, which provides resources and equipment for creating higher quality music, podcasts and other audio...

Jul 28, 2019

Kent Lewis of Anvil Media and Michael Chase of MilePost, both experienced media experts share views on the future of how people are likely to be influenced in the future, what they crave, and how to respect privacy on the road of influence. 

Jul 28, 2019

Meara McLaughlin, Executive Director of Music Portland share views on the evolving needs for musicians to be business people in an era that is challenging for independent musicians. She also emphasizes the important future role that major corporations can play in supporting music culture for vibrant communities