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Have you ever wished you could perceive the future before others? Or wish to create the future?  CRAVING THE FUTURE features the brightest innovation luminaries in the world who provide a glimpse of what's coming next.  Subscribe to the first set of episodes and tune in often for more.  Most episodes are under 30 minutes so they are easy to digest.  You'll be inspired to create or join what's coming next!  Brought to you by Michael Perman, Head of Innovation at C'EST WHAT, LLC.

Apr 29, 2018

Scott Kirsner, Publisher of Innovation Leader, shares perspectives from dozens of interviews, articles and field trips with the smartest and most influential innovation leaders in the world through is publishing and executive learning company.  


Apr 22, 2018

Andy Lowery, CEO of RealWear, shares the future of knowledge transfer through hands-free, voice activated wearable devices, which have value for a spectrum of applications including industrial, defense, entertainment and sports. 


Apr 15, 2018

Entrepreneur Jason White shares the best and latest thinking on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency that may represent the most significant and most democratic technology innovation in our lifetime.  The entire concept of “currency” is in the midst of changing and Jason + INDIEGOGO is at the forefront....

Apr 12, 2018

Martin Broen shares inside perspectives of the PepsiCo innovation and design machine and the future of Design Thinking. Martin believes that designers crave creating meaning for customers. You’ll also hear perspectives on the ways Design Thinking can be applied to holistic organizations for vitality. 


Apr 4, 2018

Jerry Michalski is a technology pioneer, futurist and the creator of Jerry’s Brain, which documents all the things in his life worth remembering, some 340,000 items, all curated in one giant mind map.  So, he’s got a pretty good memory and an even better view of the future of memory.  Learn why people crave memory. ...