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Have you ever wished you could perceive the future before others? Or wish to create the future?  CRAVING THE FUTURE features the brightest innovation luminaries in the world who provide a glimpse of what's coming next.  Subscribe to the first set of episodes and tune in often for more.  Most episodes are under 30 minutes so they are easy to digest.  You'll be inspired to create or join what's coming next!  Brought to you by Michael Perman, Head of Innovation at C'EST WHAT, LLC.

Oct 15, 2018

Chip Conley is a prolific author, hotel entrepreneur, strategic advisor to AirBNB and now leader of the Modern Elder Academy.  His new book -- Wisdom at Work - provides clues to help experienced people create new phases in their lives, leveraging their wisdom in new ways. In This episode, Chip reveals insights about...

Jul 29, 2018

Artificial intelligence has changed the way we choose movies, find mates, buy things and make strategic decisions. Now it's changing the way people learn.  In this episode, Priya Lakhani, CEO of Century Tech shares insights on the future of learning that is more personalized and adaptive. 

Jul 7, 2018

Dylan Hendricks, Institute for the Future, shares unique perspectives on the definition of facts, truths, reality and what makes sense in our society based on cultural norms. He accurately describes the current paradox of sense-making and provides brilliant insights on how to move toward the future more effectively.

Jun 10, 2018

Creative Director and Artist, Steven Tatar, shares his perspectives on craft, design and meaning in a world of humans who yearns to work with their hands, creating beauty in objects, spaces and experiences. 

May 27, 2018

Julie Lyle shares how the concept of “reading” will be changing in the future while consumers of words and ideas still seek engaging physical experiences that accentuate the overall value of books and other forms of reading.